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Dachser renews SQAS accreditation at its San Sebastián branch

  • Dachser staff working.
The San Sebastián branch of the multinational logistics and freight transport company Dachser has renewed its SQAS accreditation after verifying that it meets demanding requirements in terms of quality, safety, occupational risk prevention, environment and Corporate Social Responsibility. On this occasion, the result obtained in the questionnaire was 84%, maintaining the percentage achieved in 2019.

DACHSER Spain has GDP compliance certification

  • Reference to DACHSER quality control system.
DACHSER Spain ASL recently obtained GDP (Good Practice Distribution) certification for its quality management system in its offices in Madrid and Barcelona, which verifies that life sciences and healthcare shipments are managed at Dachser in accordance with the EU regulations.

Dachser participates in the Paint & Coatings fair in Barcelona

  • Dachser
As part of the TechFocus sessions, on November 15, Joaquim López, Head of Customer Service, Marketing, Communications & PR at DACHSER Iberia, will give a presentation in which he will explain, among other topics, the positioning of the DACHSER Chem Logistics solution in relationship with sustainability.