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Dachser acquires Swedish food logistics company Frigoscandia AB

  • Frigoscandia transport for refrigerated goods.

Dachser has acquired the leading provider of frozen and temperature-controlled food logistics services in the Nordic region, Frigoscandia AB, based in Helsingborg, Sweden. With this acquisition, subject to approval by European competition authorities, Dachser strengthens its Food Logistics network in Europe and takes its collaboration with Frigoscandia to a new level.

The German multinational specialized in logistics and freight transportation has acquired Frigoscandia AB, from private equity investor Mutares SE & Co.KGaA, to further strengthen the geographical coverage of its European food logistics network. The transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

Frigoscandia's workforce of 1,300 employees is primarily located in its core market, Sweden, as well as Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands, and will generate revenues of €300 million in 2023. Founded in 1948, the company is currently the leading full-service provider of frozen and temperature-controlled food logistics in the Nordic region. It provides point-of-sale deliveries with a strong and efficient network through three business segments: national transport, Sweden has a nationwide transport network with a fleet of around 500 vehicles, 260 of which are its own; international transportation, covering 51 markets worldwide through road, air and sea transportation; and, finally, storage, with a total of 12 warehouses in Sweden and 3 in Norway.

The inclusion of Frigoscandia as a partner of the European Food Network in 2019 underlined the company's quality leadership in food logistics in the strategically important markets of Northern Europe. During this partnership, both companies built a solid collaboration that reflects their strong cultural harmony.

Dachser consolidates its position as one of the main European food logistics providers

“We are very proud to acquire Frigoscandia and take our long-standing strategic collaboration to the next level. In this way, we are not only expanding our own Dachser Food Logistics network to the Nordic markets, but also strengthening our position as one of the leading European suppliers in food logistics,” says Burkhard Eling, CEO of Dachser. “Our focus remains on organic and sustainable growth. Furthermore, this year we have strengthened our presence in key markets such as Benelux, Oceania, South Africa, Italy and now the Nordic countries through targeted acquisitions,” he concludes.

Once the transaction is completed, Frigoscandia will be fully integrated into the Dachser Food Logistics Network. He will report to Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics and Managing Director of DACHSER Food Logistics, effective January 1, 2024. "The acquisition of Frigoscandia is an important step to accelerate our growth, especially in the Nordic countries," says Tonn and adds : "With this acquisition, our customers in the Nordic countries and in Europe will further benefit from our high-quality distribution capabilities. Our history has shown that both companies share a clear commitment to safety and quality. Frigoscandia employees "They are our guardians of continuity and expertise in food logistics for the Nordic markets. We are pleased to welcome them to the Dachser family."

Frigoscandia CEO Peter Haveneth will continue to lead the company along with his management team. “We have already established a successful collaboration with Dachser, as part of the European Food Network, serving 34 countries. This change in ownership is a natural step and is in line with our business plan to further strengthen our network and position us for the future. We are joining a company known for its long-term strategic orientation. Becoming a member of the Dachser family provides us with the best conditions to continue growing operationally and continue offering our customers the highest level of reliability and quality,” explains Haveneth.

No duplicate structures

The acquisition of Frigoscandia has no impact on the European Food Network in Denmark, which will continue to be covered by Danish logistics provider H.P. Therkelsen. The Netherlands' presence on the European Food Network with Müller Fresh Foods Logistics has also not changed. Dachser's acquisition of Frigoscandia offers a highly complementary setup for both organizations, as Dachser's Food Logistics business line currently does not have its own presence in Sweden, Norway or Finland. Consequently, the transaction will not give rise to duplicate structures and all Frigoscandia AB employees will be transferred to Dachser upon completion of the acquisition.

Expanding Dachser's presence in the Nordic markets

Since 2005, Dachser has been operating in the Nordic markets with its own regional organization, represented by the European Logistics business area (industrial and consumer goods) and the Air & Sea Logistics business area. The company has 13 delegations located in the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway. Including Frigoscandia, Dachser currently employs around 2,000 people in the region.