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Dachser and Sika Spain revolutionize the chemical industry with specific solutions for the Spanish market

  • Dachesr branch Spain.

In 2007, Dachser created its DACHSER Chem Logistics solution, which it began to implement in the Iberian Peninsula in 2015. Since 2016, Dachser has collaborated with the Swiss multinational Sika to address new challenges in the logistics of the chemical industry in Spain.

The chemical industry represents a crucial role for the Spanish and global market, both for the supply of final products and for intermediate products. This is an industry in constant growth, for which Dachser has been working in a specialized way since it created its DACHSER Chem Logistics solution in 2007. This specialization earned it an agreement with the Swiss multinational Sika in 2016. An agreement that has been renewed, with the objective of continuing to revolutionize the Spanish chemical industry, after the good results obtained in 2022 and 2023.

Currently, Dachser carries out between two and three daily collections of merchandise at the Sika plant in Alcobendas and its external warehouse in Cobeña, distributing to the north of the peninsula, Catalonia, Andorra and the Levante area. For this distribution, two solutions are used, DACHSER Chem Logistics and DACHSER DIY Logistics, each with its specificities. With the first, Sika benefits from Dachser's experience in specialized chemical logistics and with the second, and the Logistics Pipeline concept, goods circulate more quickly between the supplier and the points of sale, even reaching the end consumer.

Sika has shown its satisfaction with the work carried out by Dachser, considering that it offers “a high level of quality of service to our current and new clients in a very fast and efficient way”, according to Raúl Sánchez, Logistics Director of Sika. Spain. Not in vain, in 2022 alone, Dachser made more than 37,000 shipments for Sika, of which more than 2,000 included ADR goods. Shipments that included materials destined for sectors such as construction and industry, but also for large retail stores and warehouses. These good figures for 2022 have been maintained in 2023, strengthening the agreement between both multinationals and reinforcing Dachser's role in the Spanish chemical industry.

Synergy as the key to success

Between Dachser and Sika, the key to the success of their alliance lies in the synergy between the two Dachser solutions that are used for chemical distribution and that are designed for the Spanish market. DACHSER Chem Logistics combines Dachser's standardized network services, with specific adaptations for the chemical industry and the Spanish market. Meanwhile, DACHSER DIY Logistics offers a dynamic distribution chain that speeds up the transportation of merchandise, allowing points of sale to always have products in stock and offering the end consumer a fully integrated experience.

The combination of these two solutions, together with Dachser's experience, is the key to achieving good results, which only reinforces Sika's commitment to trusting Dachser with its logistics management in Spain.