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Travel around the world with Osteria Bravissimo

  • Osteria Bravissimo, local 5.

Its essence is inspired by the figure of Nonna, great aunt of Lappo Canale, one of the partners, along with Luis de la Peña and Enrique Ugarte, a tireless traveler who, adding her personal touch, converted the recipes of the countries she visited in unique dishes.

  • A restaurant that will enchant those daring explorers who seek to surrender to the flavors, aromas, colors and culture of the whole world around a table, with chefs Jorge Velasco and Joaquín Serrano coordinating the kitchen.
  • The space is one of the latest and most attractive place to be in Rosales, one of the streets in Madrid with a great gastronomic and leisure offer, and which has the privilege of being located in front of the Parque del Oeste.

There are inspiring restaurants, others in which it is best to let yourself be carried away by their suggestive gastronomic proposals and a few in which the visitor is also offered to live the unique experience of traveling the world without leaving their table. This is what happens at Osteria Bravissimo where, from its privileged location in front of the Parque del Oeste (Paseo del Pintor Rosales, 52), the diner is invited to travel with each bite.

In line with the free, vital and adventurous spirit of Nonna, great aunt of Lapo Canale, one of the founding partners, along with Luis de la Peña y Enrique Ugarte, the restaurant reflects the experiences of a woman who loved to travel and When he returned from his travels, he would turn the recipes he liked the most into unique dishes, giving each of them his personal Italian touch. For this reason, its gastronomic offer can be described as international fusion cuisine with Italian overtones.

In fact, the Menu is designed as a tour with stops at different destinations and what it does is invite you to live the experience of getting to know different cities, countries and continents. That's why the letter is a plane ticket, made with wheat flour unleavened bread, and the idea is that you eat it and start your own journey that will take you wherever you choose.
Now, the place renews its proposal and welcomes new cultures under its roof. Thus, it incorporates the most popular recipes worldwide into the Menu, firm in its commitment to acting as a gastrocultural cicerone. Every time the diner enters this Madrid osteria, he explores, discovers, tastes and connects with new flavors.

The gastronomic proposal

Pops de gamba, prawn pops, from Osteria Bravissimo.

The restaurant has the advice of the renowned chefs Joaquín Serrano and Jorge Velasco, who are the architects of a gastronomic proposal with an international base with Italian overtones, but executed with national raw materials. Afterwards, the kitchen team interprets more than a dozen dishes widely recognized by other diners, using excellent technique and surprising presentations. A menu of international cuisine where, among other dishes, the oxtail brioche, the masala croquette, the grilled scallop with Mediterranean aguachile, the tortelloni in crab shell, the ossobucco taco, the prawn pops, among others, stand out. For dessert, try a reinterpretation of the Sicilian cannoli.

The Wine List and Cocktails menu deserve special mention. The first carefully thought out and chosen to surprise the diner. In addition to wines from different Spanish denominations of origin, there are also some Italian, French and German labels. The second includes Coctelería de Autor and some innovative cocktail proposals.


Decorated by Paralelo Estudio by interior designers Simone Cammilletti and Laura Andreu, who point out that "we seek to flatten the chromatic level of each trip starting with beiges and ending with warmer tones as in Mexico". The idea was to start with the need to go beyond the different countries that Nonna visited to live an experience that allows her to travel around the world.

Therefore, upon entering, the first thing we find are the suitcases hanging from the ceiling that invite us to begin the tour. The common thread is Nonna's travels. A combination of memories of the countries she visited with souvenirs worth buying.

The tour begins in Spain, where the decorators were inspired by the architects Antonio Gaudí and Santiago Calatrava, as is the case with the benches and the new stone covering with the flower pots of the typical Andalusian patios.

In Brazilian architecture they sought naturalness with mahogany materials, imitation walnut and Brazilian woods. It surprises with an Amazonian atmosphere, to enjoy the tropical style of its dishes.

In the French part, they were inspired by a Parisian cafe or typical bistro that can be found in any city in France, with a black and white striped awning included and a very French décor, adding that touch of Parisian bookstores.

In Mexico, one or two colors were used on the beige palette, including typical objects. Here their mariachis, charro hats and Aztec elements stand out.

As for Italy, there is a nod to the most popular Italian architecture, with the typical unfinished architecture. With a vespa as the protagonist, it integrates typical Neapolitan decorative elements.

Finally, this interesting tour concludes in the space dedicated to Cuba, with a wicker lamp, brightly colored pillows and paintings whose protagonists are the typical brightly colored almendrones, that is, the rickety American cars from the fifties that They still circulate through the streets of Havana or Santiago.

The restaurant, with a capacity of 80 people, has a large outdoor terrace.

Osteria Bravissimo Restaurant
Paseo del Pintor Rosales, 52
28008 Madrid
Phone: 917 33 00 43

Opening times

Sunday to Thursday:
12:00–16:30 / 19:30–24:00
Friday and Saturday:
12:00–16:30 / 19:30–01:00