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Dachser expands its portfolio of services for B2C deliveries

  • Dachser B2C delivery.

targo on-site fix is a new product that allows you to set a delivery date when placing an order

Consumers expect a lot from their retail experience: shopping where and when they want and receiving what they order at the place and time that is most convenient for them. In a highly competitive market environment, the best positioned retailers are those that move products through the full range of sales channels: from physical stores to online stores and mobile commerce. The foundation of the much-desired omnichannel sales concept is high-performance supply chains with the flexibility to adapt. Logistics provider Dachser has just launched a new product throughout Europe, targo on-site fix, which supports its customers' omnichannel concepts and allows complete flexibility when organizing delivery dates.

“Today, retailers and manufacturers must meet each and every delivery requirement of consumers. For us as a logistics company, this means we must continually evolve our network services and processes, while adding simpler and faster solutions. It is part of the growth strategy of our European groupage network," says Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics at Dachser.

By choosing the targo on-site fix product, consumers can agree on a fixed delivery date with the seller when making their purchase. This way they can receive their items, for example, when they return from vacation or when they are not at work. This flexibility is proving to be a success and Dachser is also benefiting from simpler scheduling and goods spending less time in the inbound branch.

Dachser's logistics services are aimed at business customers who, in addition to offering business-to-business (B2B) services, also offer a range of business-to-consumer (B2C) services. For B2C shipments, Dachser offers the targo family of products on-site throughout Europe, which means clearly defined services and quality standards as well as short transit times via its own groupage network. Delivery standards include free curbside delivery and point-of-use delivery with one-person handling.

Logistics excellence at European level

Dachser's entargo product line presents a variety of services that ensure high quality standards in the delivery of products throughout Europe, both nationally and internationally. The four standardized product categories, known as targospeed, targofix, targoflex and targo on-site, are designed to meet customer requirements for transit times and delivery windows, both in the business (B2B) and with the final consumer (B2C), thus ensuring their satisfaction.
With the targo on-site product line, Dachser offers a comprehensive service concept for B2C shipments to the recipient's place of use. To date, Dachser Iberia has had two targo on-site products: targo on-site (B2C) and targo on-site plus (B2C). With the first, a delivery service is provided for B2C shipments by appointment. Delivery is made by the driver at the curb, in the morning or afternoon. For its part, with targo on-site plus, merchandise can also be delivered at night or on Saturdays, in certain countries in the network, with the handling of a single operator.