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Dachser renews the SQAS accreditation at its San Sebastián branch

  • Dachser delivers goods.
The San Sebastián branch of the multinational logistics and freight transport Dachser has renewed its SQAS accreditation after verifying that it meets demanding requirements in terms of quality, safety, occupational risk prevention, the environment and Corporate Social Responsibility. On this occasion, the result obtained in the questionnaire was 84%, maintaining the percentage reached in 2019.

Soluciones a medida en un mercado exigente

  • Dachser storage.
The German multinational Dachser, through its DACHSER DIY Logistics team, is responsible for the European storage and distribution of thousands of Char-Broil barbecues. It is an enormously complex operation, since the product must be delivered both to large surfaces, to small specialized stores and to consumers who buy online.