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Dachser enters 2024 strengthening its strategic position globally

  • Dachser and FERCAM trucks.

After years of significant achievements, Dachser enters 2024 marked by an ambitious expansion strategy and notable acquisitions, consolidating its position as the undisputed leader in the global logistics and transportation sectors.

The German multinational Dachser begins the year by consolidating its position as a global leader in the logistics and transportation sectors. Dachser's ambitious expansion strategy is not only reflected in the establishment of new offices and strategic acquisitions, but also in the consolidation of its presence in key markets.

In this sense, already at the end of 2022 there were two important achievements for the company, Dachser acquired 100% of the joint ventures in Hungary, and took over the majority stake in the German software provider kasasi GmbH.

Continuing with this line of growth and expansion, Dachser begins the month of January 2024, converting the Dutch subsidiary for food logistics, Müller Fresh Food Logistics, into a partner of the European Food Network (EFN). The German multinational acquired this company in early 2023 and has since successfully followed a path of collaboration and integration. With Müller as a strong partner in the Benelux countries, this step greatly strengthens the food distribution network on a European scale.

In March of last year, Dachser also acquired Melbourne, Australia-based ACA International. Thanks to that purchase, Dachser's own air and sea transport network now also covers Australia and New Zealand, countries that are not only economically strong, but also closely interconnected with Asia, Europe and North America.

In May, Dachser signed a joint venture agreement with the Japanese logistics company Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co.,Ltd, which will lead to the opening of the multinational's first office in Tokyo in early 2024. The new office in Japan is integrated into the global Dachser network.

However, it was in August when one of the most important acquisitions in Dachser's history took place. In that month it was announced that the Italian company Fercam was going to transfer its groupage and contract logistics divisions to a joint venture with Dachser under the name Dachser & Fercam Italia. In this way, as of the second quarter of 2024, Dachser will have an 80% stake in the new company, while the remaining 20% will remain in the hands of the Italian group. This operation marks a crucial strategic turn.

Furthermore, in December the logistics provider strengthened its presence in South Africa by acquiring the remaining 30% of the shares of DACHSER South Africa, thus becoming the sole shareholder of this Johannesburg-based company. The beginning of this operation dates back to 2011, when Dachser established a joint venture with the family company Jonen Freight Pty. Ltd. and acquired a majority stake in the company with a view to strengthening its global air and maritime transport network operating with its own offices, in what is Africa's third largest economy.

Also in December, Dachser acquired Frigoscandia, a provider of frozen and temperature-controlled food logistics services in the Nordic region, based in Helsingborg, Sweden. With this acquisition, subject to the approval of the European competition authorities, the German multinational specialized in logistics and transport strengthens its food logistics network in Europe. Dachser expects the transaction to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.