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Halmma: A Place of Serenity in the Heart of Madrid

  • Halma interior, light and shadows.
Halmma represents an innovative evolution in the world of wellness centers, conceived by the renowned Hammam Al Ándalus group. In this unique space, water is not just an element, but the very essence that nourishes and inspires every aspect of the project.

Dachser opens new facilities in Faro

  • Dachser name on one of their buildings.
Operations at the new center – essentially dedicated to the national and international transport of goods – have already started. In 2022, the Dachser branch in the Faro area handled more than 8,000 tonnes of goods.

Food and drink with Trajan

Located in the city of Mérida, declared a World Heritage Site, the A de Arco restaurant offers a unique experience next to the Arco de Trajano monument. Its magnificent dining room allows you to enjoy a part of it, while from the terrace you can contemplate the wonderful views of the city.