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Dr. Tobias Burger takes over as COO of Dachser's Air & Sea Logistics division

  • Dr. Tobias Burger, Dachser ASL COO.

Since January 1, Dr. Tobias Burger has held the position of Chief Operations Officer (COO) Air & Sea Logistics. Burger joined Dachser in 2009, holding different positions of responsibility throughout his 15 years at the company.

Since the beginning of the year, Dr. Tobias Burger (46) is the new Chief Operations Officer (COO) Air & Sea Logistics, as well as a member of the Board of Directors, of the logistics provider Dachser. Dr. Burger replaces Edoardo Podestà (61), who is retiring from active professional life after a career at Dachser spanning more than 20 years, the last four of which have been dedicated to leadership of the air and sea transport business.

"The carefully prepared handover of responsibility at the top of the Air & Sea Logistics sector reflects the objective and long-term oriented development of our intercontinental network," explains Bernhard Simon, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Dachser. "Edoardo Podestà has been developing our Asian business since 2003 and has contributed significantly to the growth of our company over the last four years as COO Air & Sea Logistics. Now, with Dr. Tobias Burger we have an experienced logistics strategist at the helm of our Air & Sea Logistics organization. In addition, Burger has a deep and holistic understanding of the complex challenges facing global logistics markets today and in the future."

Tobias Burger's central task as COO Air & Sea Logistics is to drive Dachser's growth in global markets. "We are convinced that the main impetus for our future growth will come from our business in Asia and the Americas," says Burkhard Eling, CEO of Dachser. “By closely interconnecting intercontinental transport with our efficient European land transport network, we want to offer our customers a comprehensive solution for groupage services around the world. This global groupage offering, integrated into a network with comprehensive Contract Logistics capabilities, definitely requires a powerful air and sea freight organization with a global presence.”

Burger, who has a doctorate in business administration, began his career as a strategy consultant at Siemens Management Consulting. He joined Dachser in 2009. After working in control and strategy development, he was assigned responsibility for Corporate Governance. At that time he was already overseeing the strategic development of the global air and sea transport network. Burger was appointed Deputy Director Air & Sea Logistics in 2019, becoming Podestà's right-hand man. During this time, he was initially global sales director for the air and ocean freight business. In 2021 and 2022, Burger led the operations of the ASL EMEA business unit as Managing Director with great success.

Edoardo Podestà: Two decades of growth and profitability for Dachser ASL

Podestà concludes his successful career as logistics director by handing the reins to Burger. Podestà, an Italian who has lived in Hong Kong for many years, joined Dachser in 2003, following the acquisition of a joint venture. As Managing Director, he was initially responsible for mainland China; as Dachser's Asian business grew, he soon assumed responsibility for the entire Asia-Pacific business unit. Since 2019, he also headed the global air and sea freight business as COO Air & Sea Logistics. “In the context of an extremely volatile market environment, he applied his deep experience and creativity to always chart a clear course toward growth and profitability,” Eling says.