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Nacho Sandoval

Nacho Sandoval is a gastronomic businessman and communicator.

Nacho Sandoval has been a businessman since 1987, the year in which he joined the Calzados Casino family business. He is recognized as a business mentor, for his experience in marketing, communication and video marketing strategies, as well as the creation and development of franchise chains and commerce. He has developed an intense professional career, leading different national business projects. 

In 2001 he created the consulting firm Nacho Sandoval Strategies and Marketing, specialized in communication, consulting and organization of gastronomic events, creator of the already popular Ruta de la Fabada all over the world, Pulpo Pasión Madrid, Concurso El Mejor Bacalao de España, La Ruta of Paella and Rice, La Gran Casquería, La Ruta Sentero and Rabo de toro throughout Spain, Las Rutas Arnegui, Summer wants Fruit, Asturias Gourmet Party, among others.

He writes in the national paper magazine, Diario16, with its own section, "Savoring Life with Nacho Sandoval" and directs the television program with the same name, on Madrid DTT, Déjate de Historias TV

Ruta de la Fabada: