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Dachser excels again in its growth

  • Dachser warehouse interior.

Between economic boom and standardization: Dachser achieves an additional turnover of one billion euros and plans investments of more than 300 million euros.

During the financial year 2022, the logistics provider Dachser has registered a turnover of 8,100 million euros (+14.9%), thus giving rise to the second consecutive year of double-digit growth.

The high level of logistics expertise, reliability and quality of services were the foundations of Dachser's success last year. “We are about to enter a new league,” says Burkhard Eling, CEO of Dachser, during the company's annual press conference in Munich. “Our customers appreciate the resiliency we bring to their supply chains and value this service. Dachser is now increasingly seen as the partner for globally networked solutions and as a consultant for optimized supply chains.”

The main drivers of this growth were also disruptions in supply chains and low capacity, which led to high price levels in the market. As of September 2022, the expansion of the logistics sector gave way to a clear normalization of activity, with a decrease in the number of shipments and rates, especially in air and sea transport. In the whole year, Dachser transported 81.1 million shipments (-2.9%) with the same weight as the previous year of 42.8 million tons.

Business evolution in detail

The Road Logistics business segment, in which Dachser combines the transport and storage of industrial and consumer goods (European Logistics), as well as food (Food Logistics), increased its sales volume by 14.2% in 2022 to reach the 5,700 million euros. Transported tonnage increased by 0.4%, while the number of shipments fell by 2.8%, in an environment of high fuel and energy prices and increasing consumer restraint.

The European Logistics Division increased its sales by 13.4%, growing at practically the same rate as in 2021. The number of shipments, on the other hand, decreased by 3.5%. Tonnages remained at a constant level of 30.0 million. The Food Logistics Division increased significantly in 2022 and grew sales by 17.1%. As a recovery effect after the end of the coronavirus-related restrictions, both shipments (+1.8%) and tonnages (+1.1%) increased slightly in this Division. In the past financial year, Dachser Food Logistics generated revenue of 1.3 billion euros, so it continues to be a stable and reliable pillar of the business model.

After the exceptional year 2021, increasing capacities in air and sea transport and the stagnation of the Chinese growth engine caused the development of the Air and Sea Logistics business segment to settle at a lower level. In this case, Dachser ended the year with a revenue increase of 16.7%. The volume of sales went from 2,100 million to 2,400 million euros. The number of shipments, on the other hand, fell by 7.3% in total.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, our air and sea freight business has gained profile significantly,” says Burkhard Eling. “The expansion of the LCL groupage business in maritime transport and the air cargo charter flight network contribute to this, with 260 flights last year alone. Our clients value the high level of integration of our services, on land, sea and air. We will further strengthen this business proposition in the future.”

On the Contract Logistics business: the intelligent combination of storage, value-added services and transport evolved very positively. In 2022, Dachser has made 2.7 million pallet spaces available to its customers, some 152,000 more than the previous year. Dachser currently has 163 warehouses on four continents and plans to add 14 additional facilities by 2023.
The number of employees increased by around 1,100 people to a total of 32,850 in 2022. The high equity ratio of over 60% enables Dachser to continue to invest significantly in the expansion of its network, digitization, climate protection and your employees, even in the toughest economic times.

For 2023, Burkhard Eling has announced that the company will continue on the course set and that, after the 196 million invested in 2022, it will launch a new investment program of more than 300 million euros by 2023. Dachser has already started the new year with the acquisition of Dutch food logistics provider Müller and Melbourne, Australia-based air and ocean carrier ACA International.

The cautious start to the year, with comparatively low transport volumes, is not a cause for concern for Dachser. “After two years of exceptional sales volume growth, but also enormous pressure on operational teams, we hope that in 2023 a bit of normality will return to logistics and our business,” says Eling in Munich.

Sales volume overview:

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