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Llega la III Edición del Concurso de Cocina de MasterD

  • MasterD contest participants, II Certamen de Cocina y Pastelería MasterD.

Toda una oportunidad y experiencia para aficionados y alumnos de escuelas de Hostelería.

Culinary excellence and passion for gastronomy come together once again in the Third Edition of the MasterD Cooking Contest. This outstanding competition, which has left an indelible mark in previous editions, promises to exceed all expectations by bringing together the most passionate contestants and a jury made up of top culinary exponents, such as Susi Díaz and Paco Torreblanca.

The contest will take place on November 15 and will be broadcast live on MasterD Educational Television. The applicants will compete in the Kitchen Classroom that the leading employment training company has in Zaragoza, a setting that offers the conducive environment for the expression of gastronomic mastery. More details about the modalities, regulations and registration process are available on the official website of the contest:

Applicants, who may participate in the professional or amateur categories, will show their skill and knowledge in front of the kitchen to win the final prize valued at more than €4,000, which consists of a batch of products, a cash check plus one of the MasterD hospitality and tourism courses of your choice.

As a jury, the III MasterD Cooking Contest has a distinguished panel of experts, made up of influential personalities and renowned chefs in the sector, who will be in charge of rigorously evaluating each aspect of the dishes presented: from their technical execution and visual presentation to the harmony of flavors and conceptual originality. Specifically, the jury will be made up of Antonio Arrabal, culinary advisor and chef; Susi Díaz, owner and chef of the La Finca restaurant (Elche); Paco Torreblanca, professional pastry chef named best in the world in 2022; Alberto Ugarte, Digital Creator “Food Style”; Miguel Ángel Vicente, writer specialized in Gastronomy and Communication; as well as last year's winners in the professional and amateur categories, Fahad Aljaberi and Juan Carlos Campos.

Raquel Contador, director of the MasterD School of Hospitality and Tourism, emphasizes: "The Third Edition of the MasterD Cooking Contest reflects our unwavering commitment to promoting culinary excellence and discovering outstanding talents in the gastronomic field. We are eager to "to witness the manifestations of creativity and skill that will surely emerge in this edition and we are determined to consolidate this contest as a benchmark in the culinary panorama."

Passion for gastronomy and dedication to culinary mastery are the pillars that support this competition, which has been designed to raise quality standards and provide a platform for exposure to passionate chefs, both professional and amateur.