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News, articles and press releases related to gastronomy.

ROTO celebrates its fifth anniversary

  • Vista aérea del restaurante Roto en Ibiza.
The ROTO restaurant, possibly the most iconic in Ibiza city and a favorite destination for residents and visitors to the island, celebrates its Fifth Anniversary on Tuesday, July 2.

Playa Soleil

Playa Soleil offers an immersive experience that has perfected the art of relaxation, offering a careful mix of music, haute cuisine, sea, sand, relaxation and well-being.

La Escollera is the restaurant where the best Verdinas in Spain are eaten

  • Winners of the Best Verdinas 2024 contest.
The Escollera; in San Juan de la Arena, it was the winning restaurant of the second edition of the “The Best Verdinas in Spain, Grand Prix Ciudad de Oviedo” contest, with its Verdinas with llampares and mullets. The following participated in the final: 11 restaurants from Asturias, 3 from Madrid, 3 from Castilla y León, 1 from Andalusia, and 2 from Castilla-La Mancha.

ROTO reopening on February 29, 2024

  • The terrace of the ROTO restaurant in Ibiza.
A unique date to spend an unforgettable night that only happens every four years. ROTO will dazzle again on February 29, presenting its renewed menu, live music and sessions with DJs.