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ROTO celebrates its fifth anniversary

  • Vista aérea del restaurante Roto en Ibiza.

The ROTO restaurant, possibly the most iconic in Ibiza city and a favorite destination for residents and visitors to the island, celebrates its Fifth Anniversary on Tuesday, July 2.

A period marked by the spirit of useful service to the community in which it is located, opening uninterruptedly since its inauguration both in the tourist season and in winter to be a true meeting point for Ibizans, regular residents of the island and tourists who They visit her.

Located on a spectacular platform that flies over the sea at the mouth of the port of Ibiza, ROTO has demonstrated in these five years that it is more than a restaurant and leisure place, becoming a reference viewpoint over Dalt Vila, the old walled city of Eivissa. And maintaining its inaugural commitment to provide recreational places also when things have not been easy for the viability of businesses, such as during the now happily passed period of the pandemic linked to COVID19. So, in a demonstration of commitment, not only did ROTO work to ensure that health workers and security forces sweetened their work weekly and throughout the pandemic, but every day that the hospitality industry was able to open its doors, it was ROTO so that citizens could find Always in this restaurant-viewpoint a place of meeting and disconnection.

Along these lines, ROTO is one of the very few examples of restaurants that remain open all year round, rain or heat. A commitment that now fulfills five years of service to Ibiza, its inhabitants and its visitors.

July 2nd

It was July 2, 2019 when ROTO inaugurated its facilities, on pontoon A of the Marina Ibiza marina. A space that until then had been disused despite having one of the most privileged views of Dalt Vila on the island. And it did so with the promise of being a meeting point where locals and strangers would come together, regardless of their place of origin, what they did or what had brought them to the Pitiusas. A space in which to chat about the vicissitudes of a day at sea while enjoying the incredible vision of dozens of boats of all shapes and sizes leaving and arriving at the port of Ibiza.

ROTO was born evoking a bygone era, a democratized Ibiza where it was still possible to approach the DJ on duty to request a specific song and where booths and VIP areas did not exist. In which everyone lived together and in which each one was the protagonist of his own story. A place to make eternal friends, even if they only lasted a few hours.

The music that has accompanied this place of restoration and leisure has also had extreme importance in this five years. Its cabin is made up of vinyl, and therefore the hits that accompany the visitor are music from other times, when vinyl filled the shelves of homes. ROTO's resident DJ since its inauguration, and even today, Ángel Linde has spent hundreds of needles to play the thousands of vinyls that have been played at ROTO. All classics, in that permanent evocation of our most recent past. Along with him, other prestigious DJs have been at the controls of the booth, always with the philosophy of “accompanying and making people happy.”

Living Barefoot and SEMAR

ROTO was born from the overflowing creativity and union of two important business groups on the island. On the one hand, the leisure and restaurant group Vivir Descalzo and on the other, the business group responsible for the Marina Ibiza marina, SEMAR. A business union that, beyond the business itself, has shared a philosophy of service and effort.

These fellow travelers believe in product excellence as the basis for the development of their projects. And ROTO is a good example of this: excellence in the product served on the tables, excellence in creating an intoxicating atmosphere, excellence in treating visitors and excellence in taking those who decide to live the experience to the most precise point of entertainment. .

ROTO is also not only a meeting point for visitors and residents but also a space open to citizens and their social groups. In this place over the last five years, celebrations and presentations of all kinds have taken place, selflessly, with the unbeatable setting of Dalt Vila behind. A space that administrations, sports clubs and associations and non-governmental organizations on the island have used to develop their own activities. It does not appear in the media, but ROTO feels absolutely proud of this quiet and continuous work that gives space and voice to those who need it at all times.

A celebration for the five years to come

ROTO celebrates its Fifth Anniversary on July 2 with a menu based on local and proximity products to which Arab and Asian touches have been added, permanently offering a “traveling menu” where all diners always find something for them. Top quality raw materials and seasonal products, while enjoying an intoxicating and fun atmosphere. And it celebrates its five years of life, already placing emphasis on the years to come, remaining at the forefront of restoration on the island while remaining faithful to its origins.

During these five years, ROTO has become an essential 'gourmet' destination for those who seek to squeeze every drop of summer regardless of the day and time, where travelers and Ibizans want to live in the here and now, and where life flows around you.