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Pepe Chuletón

  • Pepe Chuletón, Calahorra.

Pepe Sáenz Villar of La Rioja (better known as Pepe Chuletón) has become a business benchmark by choosing to implement a method of selling mostly online. Its success lies in being able to adapt a traditional butcher shop to a powerful electronic store with international online sales as 80% of its total sales are made through this modality.

He has a long butchery tradition behind him, representing him as the fourth generation in the family dedicated to the meat sector. It would be his great-grandfather who in 1883 would begin this journey, followed by his grandfather and his father. Three centuries of work that have culminated with the recognition of Pepe T-bone steak awarded with various recognitions in recent years.

In 2017 CEPYME, the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises noticed him and gave him the “Autonomous of the Year” award. More recently (in 2019), the Spanish Confederation of Meat Retailers (Cedecarne) has appointed him Ambassador of the new expansion project that the organization representing the butchers and delicatessens of Spain is starting.