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The Madrid restaurants of Latxaska Etxea (avant-garde) and L'abbraccio Restaurant (traditional) win the VII ed. of Pulpo Pasión among more than 90 gastronomic proposals

  • Todos Ganadores Pulpo Pasión 2023

For almost four weeks it has been possible to taste this cephalopod in a tapa, plate or menu format harmonized with Analivia Verdejo DO selection. Rueda, from Pagos del Rey, sponsor of the event. Gastronomic experts have chosen the best octopus dishes and tapas in this VII edition of Pulpo Pasión in Madrid, Asturias and Valladolid.

The Octopus Passion gastronomic route has awarded the prizes of this VII edition, which promote gastronomic tourism in Madrid, Asturias and Valladolid, boosting the hospitality sector and paying tribute to this admired cephalopod and Galician gastronomy.

For 24 days, different proposals have been tasted in the form of menus, tapas and dishes, both traditional and creative, with Octopus as the protagonist, harmonized with Analivia Verdejo selection, D.O.Rueda. Once again, the organization seeks to promote Galicia, synonymous with gastronomic excellence, specifically Carballiño, the birthplace of the octopus at Feira, and its "Festa do Octopus"

In Madrid, the Labraccio Restaurant has won first place thanks to its Galician Octopus in the traditional cuisine mode. O'Portiño Restaurant, with its Octopus O'Portiño in two versions, has been in second position, ahead of a double tie starring Cruz Blanca de Vallecas with its Octopus a la Gallega and El Caserón de los Arcos, with a proposal of Grilled Octopus with salad

In avant-garde cuisine, the winner was Latxaska Etxea, grilled octopus dish, potato muslin, mojo picón and albariño air. In second place, Mesón Rías Gallegas, with Coca de octopus and garlic prawns and in third place, Diferente Avenida with its Different Tortilla with Octopus

The Best Octopus Tapa has been awarded to Portomarín for its Octopus Tapa with scrambled potatoes. The Best Cachelos. As Pedriñas Novas with Galician Octopus, and the Best Pairing with Analivia Verdejo DO selection. Rueda, from Pagos del Rey, for Asador El Toril Grilled octopus El Toril style.

This seventh edition of #OctopusPasion, is organized by the event organization and communication company, Nacho Sandoval Estrategias and Marketing, S.L, sponsored by Pagos del Rey and the collaboration of the Carballiño Council, FACYRE and ACYRE. All participating restaurants with their gastronomic proposals will be geolocated on google maps, creating an interactive gastromap.

During these almost four weeks, a jury made up of chefs and gourmet experts of national prestige have visited all the participating establishments, evaluating each proposal on a tasting sheet and tasting creations in the purest traditional style, such as a Feira, as well as more creative dishes and tapas that have surprised the diner.

During these days, customers who have visited the participating restaurants and have participated in the "Octopus Passion" contest have entered a DRAW FOR 10 Magnum Bottles of Analivia Verdejo selection D.O. Rueda and 10 Wooden Plates Carballiño Octopus Party, and in a few days the winners will be known through the RRSS and will be contacted personally.