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ROTO reopening on February 29, 2024

  • The terrace of the ROTO restaurant in Ibiza.

A unique date to spend an unforgettable night that only happens every four years. ROTO will dazzle again on February 29, presenting its renewed menu, live music and sessions with DJs.

After being renovated while maintaining its groundbreaking style, the ROTO leisure and restaurant space, which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, returns stronger than ever, ready to mark a new chapter in its history.

On February 29, with the soundtrack “Born to be young forever” that only plays once every four years, the emblematic venue will reopen its doors with a comprehensive leisure proposal every day of the week with weekly events, live music , sessions with his resident DJ Ángel Linde and his guests.

The kitchen directed by its chef José Manuel Herrera, incorporates new gastronomic experiences. After redesigning the menu, the Chef maintains the ROTO classics and incorporates new dishes created to delight the palates of the most demanding customers.

ROTO maintains its essence

The era is reborn when the important thing was the moment, the here and now, where under its intoxicating and fun atmosphere, you see life flow around you. Where you feel that time stops and you know that the moment is now.

Generation after generation, Ibizans and visitors have sat in front of the sea to contemplate Dalt Vila, the majesty of the ancient walled city that gave rise to the island's culture, and that today ROTO has shaped that meeting point where you You surround yourself with friends, where you dress as you wish. BROKEN is hubbub, it is a rogue point, it is freedom. BROKEN is living barefoot, feeling the sand under our feet.

The leisure and restaurant space of Marina Ibiza will make you fall in love with its food and atmosphere. It is the place where, yes, vinyl records are still played today.

ROTO is a tribute to lovers of the sea, where life is not understood without going sailing, “la dolce vita Ibizana”. ROTO is that gathering place for sailors, for lifers, every afternoon to tell adventures. That hangar where you can share a passion and watch the ships go by. ROTO is the best stern where you can stop and contemplate the sea, the island and life.

Address: Marina Ibiza marina, pontoon A. Paseo de Juan Carlos I, 20. 07800 Ibiza
Opening hours: Open all year round
Owners: Roto Club Ibiza SL (Vivir Descalzo SL and Serveis Maritims Port Eivissa SL)