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Job transition: What really is outplacement?

  • Ana casado for Allabor Channel.

Any company can help the workeres in their exit process with outplacement programs, which facilitate the professional transition with personalized support adapted to the person's profile and employability. More and more companies are taking care of the offboarding of workers, with an individual outplacement service. This is the work of Ars Outplacement.

It is true that in cases of collective lay offs that affect more than 50 workers, companies are required by law to hire an “approved” outplacement company, and thus comply with the measure to assist in the outplacement (Real Decreto Ley 3/2012) and Ars Outplacement is such a company.

With more than 25 years of experience in Human Resources, Ana Casado Rojo Director at Ars Outplacement, expert in Coaching and Work Transition Processes, stands out for her extensive experience and knowledge of the sector. In her current role, she manages the business line, coordinating Outplacement and Career Transition projects, providing individual and group consulting and coaching, in addition to providing specific training. Her professional history has given her a vision that allows her to combine her experience in HR with her passion for people and teamwork. For several years she has been a Tutor at the D'Arte Formación Coaching School, accompanying students in their personal development, keeping up to date in the world of Coaching. She is currently part of the Positive Psychology Working Group of the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid. With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in RRLL and Specialized in Coaching with Emotional Intelligence and NLP, she has one of the most exciting professions in the world and that allows her to fulfill her purpose: helping others achieve their goals.

What exactly is Outplacement and what is its main objective?

Outplacement services are support processes in moments of professional transition, for those people who are either separated from the companies in which they carried out their professional activity or are looking for a change in their current activity. The most common thing is that companies hire it as part of the exit package of the professional they terminate, but there are more and more people who, at an individual level, are interested in this type of services.

What specific services does your company offer in the field of Outplacement?

The objective is to help professionals reduce their search time in the labor market for a new professional project, and the first thing we work on is precisely that, to define what their objective is. They want to do the same, they prefer some type of change (functional, sector,...) or they are looking for a disruptive project. If we do not work on this point properly from the beginning, the rest of the house will falter.

In my case, I often ask them, And why do you want to get up in the morning? This question made me reflect on my purpose (professionally speaking) and when I found it I was able to identify professional options that brought me closer to it. “I wanted to go home every day with the feeling that what I had done had been useful to a person with a “first and last name.” And that's where I found my way, and I wanted to prepare myself to do precisely the same thing that they were doing with me

What is the typical process an employee follows when receiving these services?

In our case, we understand that each person is unique, and therefore no two processes are exactly the same, although there is a common basis and methodology that guides the process. The first thing, as I indicated before, is for the person to identify their professional options, and to do so we invite them to carry out a first reflection, which leads them to know themselves better as a professional. And from there we can build the rest of the floors of the house: we work on their communication tools, we help them improve their speech, so that they not only transmit what they know how to do, but are also able to reflect how they do it. he does and what he has achieved throughout his career. Also depending on the case, we work on search strategies in the market. And this is where the main difference between a career orientation process and an outplacement process appears, since one of the main objectives is to give visibility to the professional in the market, through “embassy” actions that make it easier for the professional to find positions in target companies for him or her, or in head hunting firms. On the one hand we seek to teach how to fish, and that tomorrow you will not need us, but while you are with Ars Persona Cts, we also help you find those “fish”.

Is age a handicap?

It is a factor to take into account, we cannot put a blindfold on ourselves, although there are many other factors that influence a person's employability. We should NOT put the band-aid on before we have the wound, and if I go with the belief that “because of my age they will not love me”, I can stop taking steps and carry out actions that lead me to the self-fulfilling Prophecy. Every day I work with people over 50 years old, and they end up finding their project. What we work with them is to open them up to other work formulas, such as Interim Management, working on projects, and learning to manage their network of contacts very well.

What are the biggest challenges employees face during a job transition and how do they address them?

Although it may sound strange, the biggest challenge is managing the uncertainty and fears of not finding a project, or the time in which They are going to find it. Also, there are cases where their lack of flexibility when accepting employment formulas other than permanent contracts, or not adjusting their salary to the market, makes it difficult or delays their return to the market. To do this, we not only work on the most technical part of the process, but also on the emotional one. NOT all people arrive at the same phase of grief for the loss of a job, so that is the first thing we do, and from there we can help you manage those fears and uncertainties, helping you to know your contributions and be aware of what it is worth, and of course to demonstrate it to the market. We also help them understand how the market moves in terms of salaries; there are many salary studies that help them position themselves.

What advice would you give to an employee who is going through a career transition and using Outplacement services?

In my case, he would give them two, one more generic and another very practical. Since I have gone through that process, that is, I have been on your side of the table, I would tell you to listen to your Outplacement consultant. This process is easier to do accompanied than alone, and more so by professionals who have traveled the path before and who have been certified in this type of process. And the second piece of advice, much more practical, is that even if your body and heart ask you to, due to the anxiety generated by the search process itself, do not start searching or talking to your network, without being clear about your objective and the messages to transmit. On the first call I give everyone the same message “don't ask for a job, ask for what they can give you, or more doors will close than you are going to open.”

And finally, Artificial Intelligence is present in all sectors. How does the AI boom affect you?

More than affecting us, what it affects is the people who are in the search process. On the one hand, AI-based tools are being created that help make a CV, such as kickresume or resumemaker among others, and others that help prepare the Interview, such as InterviewAI. And on the other hand, others are being generated that on the companies' side filter CVs, to give you an example. CV videos are also taking over, and although it is not new, what does change is that it is the AI that begins to do the first filtering. Video interviews are made that are then analyzed by the AI, and a long etc...

This requires us to be up to date with these tools, and teach people how to use them optimally and get the most out of them, and understand that regardless of whether you use AI, there must always be a review. “If you know the rules of the game, even if you don't like them, you will be able to play better.”

I want to express my gratitude to Ana Casado for her attention during the interview and for providing answers that I considered extremely useful. These words are especially meaningful for those people who, after losing their job, need to understand that having support will greatly facilitate their reintegration into the labor market. They are also of great value for those who want to change the direction of their professional career. I will also take these services into account if I find myself in a similar situation, they seem essential to me when facing a new or different professional project.