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Food and drink with Trajan

Located in the city of Mérida, declared a World Heritage Site, the A de Arco restaurant offers a unique experience next to the Arco de Trajano monument. Its magnificent dining room allows you to enjoy a part of it, while from the terrace you can contemplate the wonderful views of the city.

For those who do not know Mérida, capital of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, I have to tell you that, apart from its archaeological wealth, it has a unique gastronomic wealth and one of the most representative spaces of its culinary art is the one that I am going to recommend. in this article.

In December 1993, the Emeritense Archaeological Ensemble was declared a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO.

This city was founded in the 1st century BC by the Romans and has impressive and well-preserved architectural remains from this period. In addition to the Roman Theatre, the Temple of Diana, the Arch of Trajan is also an obligatory visit to understand the rich history of this Extremaduran municipality.

Well, in the latter you will find one of the most emblematic restaurants of this interesting city. "A de Arco" has the peculiarity that the Arch of Trajan itself is integrated into its space, in a curious way. and from there its name is inspired. That is to say, one of its walls is part of this Roman monument, stones approximately two centuries old that are part of a decoration that already surrounds you and invites you to enjoy. This restaurant has two very different menus, a snack menu that I am going to talk about, which you can enjoy at the bottom, and a more formal menu that is only served on the first floor.

Well, we stayed on the terrace, which is wonderful, and below are my suggestions.

Crispy ear pancakes with brava sauce

Highly recommended, even for those who doubt this typical tapa in its usual texture, since in this case it is presented in a thin compact pancake without appreciating the cartilaginous parts, but maintaining all the flavor. An elaboration that is carried out exclusively for this restaurant with top quality products and that is one of its most demanded dishes. I fell in love as soon as I tried it, I am a big fan of this dish and this innovative way of enjoying it was surprising for me, the touch of brava sauce is definitive.

A serving of creisly ear pancakes with brava sauce.
Leeks in vinaigrette

Have I told you that in A de Arco they take great care of the quality of the product? If I have already said it, I will emphasize it again in this dish, leeks with a traditional orchard flavor enhanced with a vinaigrette that gives them the perfect touch.

A serving of leeks in vinaigrette from the restaurant A de Arco in Mérida.
Cod miajas with crustacean sauce

Definitive!! A subtle flavor of a first class cod, well prepared and cooked to the perfect point. A dish that you can taste easily and that you can repeat because it is tasty but light (which I did, it is delicious)

A serving of crumbled salt cod from the restaurant A de Arco, Merida.

Overall value

Another next visit is pending and to try the delicacies that are served in the upper room, I am sure that I will enjoy them with the same joy as these delicious tapas. Also tell you that the price was more than reasonable and the service was impeccable.

To finish, tell you that the famous arch that is part of this curious restaurant is not really Trajan's, according to the legend at the foot of it, the latest studies date it to the time of Tiberius, but at this point changing its name would be almost impossible for city dwellers. If you feel a little curious, also investigate the Temple of Diana, which is not what it seems either... How funny is the history of Mérida with its names, but at this point in the film, the name does not take away its Roman importance of its streets!!