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Bodegas Oran and Bodegas de Occidente

  • Harvesting grapes at Bodegas Orán and Bodegas de Occidente.

Bodegas de Occidente was founded in 1996 and produces wines that express the best of nature, wines that have their own personality.

The history of Cava in Almendralejo begins at the beginning of the 80s when a group of three Almendralejo businessmen had the innovative idea of ​​creating a product to develop new ways of making and marketing Extremadura products, still little known at the national level. .

It was thus after long experiments, many trips and great enthusiasm that the Almendralejo cava was born, specifically D.O. Cava Extermeño since 1983.

In 1986, as a result of a European Union law, Catalonia proposed a series of municipalities for the production of cava, among which neither Almendralejo nor Requena appear, which is why they litigate and, as these two cities have certain acquired rights ( in the case of Almendralejo he was in the DO Cava since 1983), they win the lawsuit. Thus, Almendralejo is the only city in Extremadura where cava can be made.

Bodegas de Occidente was founded to pass the tradition to new generations, and continued innovating and adapting its legacy to the needs of the new millennium, producing wines which extract the best of nature (terroir) and to offer wines with their own personality.

The location of each vineyard is not the result of chance, but of an exhaustive and detailed study of the different characteristics of the soil, which conditions the character of each one of them.

This fact, depends on its exclusive character and small production; With the fruits that these chosen vines offer us each year, we elaborate with all our affection what we know how to do, a farm wine. The Valle El Raposo area (Matanegra) are vineyards that surround the El Raposo Spa, in Extremadura, where friendly and elegant estate wines are made.

D.O. Cava de Almendralejo: Fresh, citric, persistent and fun, to be enjoyed at any time of the day.