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Bodegas Emilio Moro brings you its most special moment of the year, the harvest

  • Bodegas Emilio Moro, harvest 2021.

Bodegas Emilio Moro celebrates the harvest festival to say goodbye to one of the most important moments for the winery, after a year of analysis and learning. With 2022 being a particular year in terms of weather, the Valladolid winery maintains excellence in its products, offering wines with character and personality.

With the months of September and October comes autumn and with it, the grape harvest. The harvest is in charge of closing the vine growing season, and after a whole year of work, Bodegas Emilio Moro unites history, tradition, quality and gastronomy in the harvest festival to celebrate the harvest and thank everyone for their work. his team.

The winery located in Pesquera de Duero, which has 11 references on the market and has conquered more than 70 countries, celebrates the end of the harvest by highlighting the effort, tenacity and dedication with which the winegrowers, field assistants , warehouse assistants and technical team, among others, have worked during this campaign.

The Moro family's objective is the search for excellence, the constant improvement of the quality of its products and to make its customers fall in love, but if there is something clear to them, it is that their best ambassadors are their collaborators, those who come to the winery every day to give the best of themselves sharing that goal. For this reason, they highlight the figure of all those involved in the form of a series of videos, published on their website, through which users can discover all the details about the harvest process. Several of the winery workers tell their experience first-hand and reveal the peculiarities of one of the most important moments for a winery.

2022, an atypical year of analysis and learning

The weather is a factor that significantly affects the development of the vine, being, after the variety, the factor that most determines the personality of the grape. In this sense, Álvaro Maestro, technical director of Bodegas Emilio Moro, highlights how particular the 2022 vintage has been. “The year began with normal conditions, typical of Ribera del Duero. It was already late spring, coinciding with the setting of the flower, when the first episodes of heat waves took place, resulting in one of the warmest late springs and early summers in living memory”. Added to the high temperatures, which during the months of August and September returned to more typical values ​​in the area, was the scarcity of water. With the beginning of summer, the rains almost completely disappeared for more than 90 days until mid-August when "we were able to see how a great storm gave us that water that proved to be the only hydric sustenance that the vine could count on until its harvest, since, until after the harvests, it did not rain again," says Álvaro Maestro.

Despite the high temperatures and the lack of rain, Bodegas Emilio Moro is considered privileged since most of its vineyards are located in the moor, an area where the average temperature is lower and the characteristics of its soils facilitate the balance hydric "2022 has been a hot and dry year where the plot factor has been decisive," explains Maestro. "When the climate is limiting, the composition of the soil, the altitude, the age of the vineyard become determining factors that mark the good ripening or not of the fruit."

At Bodegas Emilio Moro, work has been done to determine the perfect moment to harvest, taking advantage of every opportunity, finally being able to celebrate a great year in terms of quality, concentration, character and personality. “We can say that, in terms of quantity, 2022 has not been very generous, but we have focused on our fundamental objective, which is to offer an excellent wine, and we can say that we have achieved it”, celebrates Álvaro Maestro.

Along with Álvaro Maestro, there are many people involved in this hard, but rewarding process. The harvest is the key moment in which the result of the evolution of the vineyards is discovered. Adrenaline, curiosity, nerves and desire come to the fore among the people who star in it and they look forward to its arrival because, as they themselves say, “it is a new opportunity to make history with our wines”.