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Bodegas Emilio Moro and Cepa 21

  • Emilio Moro wine estate.

Its president, José Moro, has become an international benchmark in the sector and has milestones such as being the first winemaker in history to enter the Forbes Spain list of the 100 leading entrepreneurs in innovation. More recently, he has been named Executive of the Year by the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce.

The origin of the winery dates back to 1891, the year of birth of its founder, Don Emilio Moro, in Pesquera de Duero (Valladolid), a privileged enclave of the Ribera de Duero surrounded by vineyards. Emilio Moro, grandfather of the current owners, taught his son the love of wine, and this, in turn, transmitted it to his children. After three generations, José and Javier Moro take over the winery that currently has some 200 hectares of its own vineyard, planted and grafted with an excellent clone of Tinta Fina recovered from their oldest vines. Some of its best known estates are Resalso, planted the year Emilio Moro was born (1932), with deep and fresh soils; Valderramiro, with the oldest glasses in the winery and the cradle of its great paid wine, Malleolus de Valderramiro; Sanchomartín that, with excellent maturation conditions, offers tannic wines with marked acidity, ideal for aging; and Camino Viejo, where Malleolus was born. The range of wines also includes Emilio Moro, the winery's flagship, and La Felisa, its organic wine without added sulfites. The Moro family also makes the Godellos La Revelía and El Zarzal, the result of their landing in El Bierzo, and also owns, also in Ribera del Duero, Bodegas Cepa 21 that includes the references Hito, Hito Rosado, Cepa 21, Malabrigo and Horcajo.

José Moro

José Moro Espinosa is president of Bodegas Emilio Moro and Bodegas Cepa 21. Together with his three brothers he forms the third generation of a family whose winemaking tradition begins with his grandfather Emilio and continues with his father, also Emilio. In 1989 he decides to use his names to create a brand and market it. This is how Emilio Moro was born, today becoming one of the benchmarks in the world of wine at an international level.

Its formula for success is based on three pillars: tradition, innovation and social responsibility, always underlined with great passion. Entrepreneur, restless, passionate and with a tireless desire to surprise the consumer, he has managed to collect the family legacy and make it great. To this he dedicates his efforts, inside and outside our country, always with his land as a flag.

His book, “If you know how to listen to it, wine speaks to you”, published by Gestión 2000, Grupo Planeta, is a work of solidarity that allocates all copyrights to the different solidarity projects of the Emilio Moro Foundation.