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Soluciones a medida en un mercado exigente

  • Dachser storage.

The German multinational Dachser, through its DACHSER DIY Logistics team, is responsible for the European storage and distribution of thousands of Char-Broil barbecues. It is an enormously complex operation, since the product must be delivered both to large surfaces, to small specialized stores and to consumers who buy online.

At the beginning of the year, the Dachser warehouse in Malsch, Germany, becomes the epicenter of activity for Char-Broil, the oldest barbecue company in the United States. Dachser's office in this municipality in southwestern Germany serves as a warehouse for nearly 250,000 items, which in just a few weeks must be distributed to customers in 16 different countries.

The management of this highly complex operation is the responsibility of the DACHSER DIY Logistics team, which begins its work by receiving the merchandise and storing it in an area that is already nicknamed the "wall of grills", since they are stacked, in columns of 10, up to 60,000 barbecues. To these we must add an infinite number of accessories, which must be classified in an optimal way to allow a faster and more efficient delivery when the season begins.

The distribution should be done in a few weeks, since 80% of the work is concentrated in the first half of the year. This added difficulty requires the intervention of a logistics operator that offers a comprehensive service and has knowledge of the sector, as is the case with Dachser. The German multinational is chosen, year after year, to carry out this task, because it combines storage and transport and because it has DACHSER DIY Logistics, a department specialized in logistics in the Home Improvement sector.

  "Our specialization and experience in the Home Improvement sector makes us tackle new projects very quickly and efficiently, since many of our clients have similar logistics and distribution operations that can be replicated," explains Carlos Ortega Doval, Business Development Iberia DACHSER DIY Logistics.

To carry out this demanding operation, DACHSER DIY Logistics has a team of professionals in each European country with extensive knowledge of supply chains and local challenges in the sector. This allows constant and close contact to be maintained with local businesses and suppliers, making it possible to establish a seamless service chain. And it is that, thanks to DACHSER DIY Logistics, they have managed to make 8.4 million shipments to more than 18,000 DIY stores, to which other commercial formats must be added.

At present, and after six years of collaboration, Char-Broil continues to bet on Dachser to carry out all its logistics in Europe. Not surprisingly, having the German logistics multinational has allowed the American company to carry out, from the delegation in Baden-Wurttemberg alone, an average of 15,000 shipments per year to destinations as diverse as Poland or Spain.