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Refrigerated cargo is specialized traffic for DACHSER Spain Air & Sea Logistics

  • Dachser transports a giant crane for a space mission.

Dachser Spain Air & Sea Logistics is one of the leading logistics providers in the transport of refrigerated cargo, mainly to areas such as the Middle and Far East, South America and North America.

The different seasonal fruit and vegetable campaigns generate large amounts of refrigerated cargo that must be managed internationally by both air and sea transport.

In Spain, contrary to what has happened with other productive sectors, the refrigerated cargo segment continues to grow, both in the importation of native products and in the exportation of high-quality locally produced goods, especially frozen meat and fish. , as well as seasonal fruit in its different varieties. For Dachser Spain Air & Sea Logistics, the perishable sector has always had a very important weight in international transport since its beginnings as a specialized operator.

"This type of cargo requires dedication, attention and a high level of professionalism and knowledge of customer needs, characteristics of the goods and the different regulations worldwide," explains Federico Pascual, Head of Sales Southern Europe at Dachser Air & Sea Logistics. "For this reason, we have a well-prepared professional team, with a great knowledge of the product and its needs, in order to carry out the correct choice of transport and compliance with the transit times that are very necessary for this type of cargo" adds the person in charge.

In addition, Dachser has consolidator warehouses specialized in this type of merchandise.

The Dachser Air & Sea Logistics business unit also benefits from its own network in the main producing and exporting countries of America and Asia, thus covering all the needs and additional services complementary to transport both by sea and by air.