Promotional poster for the Rafael Amargo Insurrecto show.

Rafael Amargo, flamenco dancer and choreographer, premieres his new show, Rafael Amargo Insurrecto, at Madre Mía Club, a new venue.

The first time I saw Rafael Amargo, I fell head over heels for both Rafa and flamenco. Since then, I've tried not to miss any of his performances. As a dancer, he's a true genius, but as a choreographer, he's simply astounding. In every show, there's always a moment that takes me by surprise in a special way, leaving an indelible mark on my memory. So, when I received a WhatsApp message today from an unknown number, sending me information about his new work, I didn't hesitate to take interest. "Rafael Amargo Insurrecto," from the 7th to the 28th of September, exclusively at "Madre Mía Club." My diary is jam-packed, but I've already pencilled in Sunday the 17th to go see him—I simply can't miss it!

But who sent me the message? I politely inquire, mainly to find out who I'm speaking with. The reply comes swiftly: "It's Rafa Amargo himself, dear Ana. I thought you had my new number." Clearly, I didn't. I now save Rafa's numbers by date; I think I have four or five different ones. Well, this has made it even more exciting that he himself reached out to me. Although I was already set on attending, this message has sealed the deal. "Please, send me a paragraph about what inspired you for this new performance and who will be joining you on stage!" The reply comes promptly: "Returning should always be done cautiously and with a sure endorsement. It's an intimate show where flamenco takes centre stage, along with a nod to some of my hit pieces. With four female dancers, five musicians, and a surprise guest artist for those who attend." Now, I'm even more eager to see him!

Promotional poster for the show Rafael Amargo Insurrecto.

I immediately turn to good old Google to find out where "Madre Mía Club" is located, as it doesn't ring a bell. Once I find their website, the cover photo grabs my attention—what a fun place! Without hesitation, I get in touch with someone in charge of the venue to gather more information. Spanning over 5,000 square metres and divided into various spaces with a capacity for 2,100 people, the club features ruin-bar-inspired décor reminiscent of venues in Amsterdam and Dublin, albeit toned down. It's a leisure space with different atmospheres where the audience can roam freely, enjoying various shows, restaurants, and dancing wildly to Spanish music from the '80s and '90s. My conversation with Carmen C., the venue's events coordinator, captivates me with every word. Of course, I'm not familiar with this place; it's the former "Pesquera," renovated and opening tomorrow with Rafa's show. Due to scheduling conflicts, I won't be able to attend this time, but as I've mentioned, I'll undoubtedly be front and centre on Sunday, 17th September. Just so you know, this article will have a follow-up. One thing is to disseminate firsthand information, and another is to live the experience. I must be honest; I'm already predisposed to enjoy it. Rafa fascinates me as it is, and the venue looks absolutely splendid. I'll keep you posted on what I end up experiencing live and in person. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 6, 2023 - 21:41