Dascher European logistics truck.

Dachser has put its first electric trucks into service in the Netherlands, an important step on the road to emission-free deliveries in the "Zero Emission Zones" of urban centers, which will be introduced on January 1, 2025 in the Netherlands. Low.

The first electric truck that DACHSER Netherlands has started using in Waddinxveen is the Volvo Electric FL 4x2. With this battery electric truck, the logistics provider is testing the use of zero emission technologies in daily operations. The truck has been in use in Rotterdam for several weeks.

With space for 18 pallets and a payload of six tonnes, the Volvo Electric offers plenty of capacity. A range of up to 220 kilometres, combined with a charging station at Dachser's Waddixveen branch, makes this electric truck ideal for city deliveries. In addition, thanks to its electric drive, it is not only emission-free, but also virtually silent on the road, significantly reducing noise pollution in urban areas.

At the beginning of July, a yellow and blue electric truck was also put into service at the Dachser branch in Zevenaar. This second truck, a Renault Trucks D Z.E. 16t similar range and capacity, manages urban deliveries in and around Arnhem.

Drivers and operators of battery electric trucks have a full view of their surroundings without having to deal with blind spots. This is made possible by modern cameras mounted around the vehicles. They have also received special training to ensure safety, increase efficiency and acquire technical knowledge.

Prepared for the future

With the introduction of these two electric trucks, DACHSER Netherlands is preparing for the future: all trucks manufactured after January 1, 2025 will have to be zero-emission to qualify for zero-emission zones in major Dutch cities. For trucks in circulation, a transition period is planned in which Euro VI trucks up to five years old, on January 1, 2025, will be able to drive in zero emission zones until January 1, 2030. The same applies to Euro VI trucks that are less than eight years old on that date.

"Dachser's long-term climate protection strategy accompanies the increasing attention paid to sustainability by governments, municipalities, customers and the industry. With the introduction of our first electric trucks, we are taking another step towards achieving our common goals to complement the various sustainability initiatives we have been implementing in recent years," explains Stefan Raimondo, Country Manager of DACHSER Netherlands.

The long-term goal is to increase the number of zero emission vehicles in the Netherlands and throughout Dachser's European network to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently, the DACHSER Emission Free delivery concept is used for emission-free local deliveries in 12 cities in Europe. At least 10 more cities will be incorporated into this project in 2025, including 2 Spanish cities Barcelona and Malaga. In the Netherlands, the use of electric trucks is an important step. "In addition to electric trucks, we are interested in hydrogen trucks for deliveries over longer distances. We are currently investigating this possibility intensively as part of our climate protection strategy," says Aat van der Meer, Managing Director DACHSER Benelux.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023 - 13:17