Dachser name on one of their buildings.

Operations at the new center – essentially dedicated to the national and international transport of goods – have already started. In 2022, the Dachser branch in the Faro area handled more than 8,000 tonnes of goods.

The Dachser branch in the Faro district in southern Portugal has just opened new facilities in Albufeira. The new site, larger and more modern than the previous one, located in Quarteira, is the result of the renovation of an existing warehouse, in which an office area was also built. Operations at the new logistics centre in Dachser – essentially dedicated to the domestic and international transport of goods – have already started.

Larger, more modern facilities located in Guia, Albufeira

The new facilities have a warehouse of 1,250 square meters, for the circulation and classification of goods, and a small office area. In the new space, the service has also been optimized, since it has five doors, four of them equipped with leveling platforms for loading and unloading trucks.

"We are very pleased with the opening of our new facility in Albufeira. This small but modern logistics center allows us to manage groupage transport and distribution even more quickly and efficiently in the southern region of the country," says Ricardo Carvalho, Branch Manager of Dachser's delegations in Lisbon and Faro. "It fits our needs in terms of capacity, so we are confident that this investment will allow us to continue to grow and maintain the high level of service for our customers," he concludes. The operations at the new Faro facility comply with Dachser's uniform processes and standards, for seamless integration with the logistics multinational's European transport network. Dachser has been present in the Faro district since 2000. In 2022, the operation in this delegation registered, between arrivals and departures, a volume of goods equivalent to more than eight thousand tons.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 - 09:56