The logistics operator carried out the transport of an autoclave of almost 60 tons from Germany to southern India, destined for a Bangalore aerospace company. The Air & Sea Logistics teams from Germany and India worked hand in hand to deliver the best logistics result.

When transporting large industrial projects by truck or ship, the staging is not only spectacular, but also involves a complex logistical operation behind it. In the case of an autoclave (an airtight metal pressure vessel) weighing almost 60 tons, Dachser combined the expertise of its Air & Sea Logistics teams in Germany and India and transported the colossal vessel from the machine builder in northern Westphalia (Germany) to Bangalore, in southern India. A customer-oriented approach and precise planning by the international teams were crucial to the success of this transport.

The full load consisted of a 60-ton metal container, a rotating device, and a circular chair for another 5-ton containers. The dimensions of the autoclave were impressive, with a length of more than 15 meters and a diameter of more than 5 meters. The final destination was an aerospace company in Bangalore, where the Indian high-tech industry is really important.

Experience and know-how

After extensive preparation and planning, the autoclave left the Coesfeld plant near Münster in Germany and arrived by flatbed truck in the nearby town of Lüdinghausen. There, a 450-ton mobile crane loaded it onto a ship that transported the large piece by river to Antwerp, Belgium. From there, the container traveled as break bulk, heavy cargo without a container, on a container ship to Chennai, India, in the Bay of Bengal. The trip lasted 21 days.

"The success of this type of special shipment is due to and is possible thanks to the close coordination and cooperation of all parties involved, so that everything fits together perfectly," explains Claus Freydag, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Germany at Dachser. "With our customer orientation, our customized solutions and our global network of logistics experts, we are a reliable partner when it comes to transport projects."

Meticulous transport planning in India

In Chennai, teams from DACHSER India took over, responsible for the nearly 350-kilometre journey from the Chennai port to the customer's Bangalore site. Several preparations were necessary for road transport: from the processing of permits with the local administration to move the low bed trailer, the replacement of the 28 tires to be able to pass through an underground railway track, as well as the removal of blocks of concrete in front of the plant at destination.

During the 2-week trip in India, the entire journey was supervised by an escort vehicle. "Thanks to the meticulous planning of the teams and the close cooperation of all involved, we once again successfully delivered this exceptional shipment," says Huned Gandhi, Managing Director Indian Subcontinent at Dachser.

About Dachser in Iberia

Dachser (www.dachser.es & www.dachser.pt) is present in Iberia through two business lines: DACHSER European Logistics, dedicated to land transport and comprehensive logistics solutions, and DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics, focused on air transport and maritime.

Dachser's services include warehousing and distribution solutions, specific partial and full load services and other solutions for the chemical (DACHSER Chem Logistics), Home Improvement, decoration and gardening (DACHSER DIY Logistics) and industrial sectors. cosmetic (DACHSER Cosmetics).

In 2022, with a growth of +17.8%, Iberia once again positioned itself as one of the most important regions for the company, reaching around 758 million euros in sales volume. With 66 logistics centers and 2,932 professionals, more than 17.1 million shipments were managed and 3.2 million tons were transported in this same period.
For more information about Dachser, see www.dachser.es

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