Dascher emission free delivery etruck

The logistics operator has announced that by the end of 2025 the DACHSER Emission-Free Delivery model will be available in 24 European cities, double than the current number

The logistics provider Dachser has decided to significantly increase its emission-free deliveries in urban centers for groupage shipments of non-refrigerated merchandise. Thus, by the end of 2025, it plans to launch the DACHSER Emission-Free Delivery model in twelve more European cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Hamburg, Cologne, London, Malaga, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Toulouse, Warsaw and Vienna. On the other hand, the company will expand the zero emission delivery zone that it already has implemented in Paris.

“We have deliberately set ourselves the ambitious goal of doubling the number of cities that have already implemented DACHSER Emission-Free Delivery by the end of 2025,” says Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics at Dachser. “Delegations in our network are highly motivated to meet our customers' desire for more sustainable urban deliveries. Reaching our goal is based on our expectations that light electric trucks will become much more widely available and the expansion of charging infrastructure will accelerate across Europe,” he adds.

DACHSER Emission-Free Delivery: from 12 to 24 cities

The DACHSER Emission-Free Delivery model can be implemented in any region and is currently already available in twelve defined urban centers, including Porto and Madrid. The initiative will reach the announced twelve regions by the end of 2025. Using a modular system adapted to local requirements, Dachser branches use battery electric vans and trucks, as well as electric cargo bikes, specially designed for groupage and heavy palletized goods. .

Depending on the specific requirements of each location, this concept also contemplates the use of small transit terminals, known as microhubs, near city centers. In such cases, cargo bikes start their runs at the microhub and transport goods to busy pedestrian areas. The electric trucks, in turn, supply goods to the micro-centres or, in the case of packages and pallets that are too large or too heavy for transport by bicycle, deliver the goods directly to the recipients.

Positive effects for the environment and for drivers

Dachser's deliveries in the city center with zero local emissions help municipal administrations to improve air quality and reduce traffic noise. Because battery electric trucks and cargo bikes don't emit pollutants into the atmosphere, they play an important role in keeping the air clean. Dachser only buys electricity generated from renewable resources to charge its fleet. This reduces operational greenhouse gas emissions for the last mile to zero. It also greatly reduces noise emissions, while the use of cargo bikes means less truck-related congestion. Battery electric vehicles are also beneficial for drivers, who are no longer exposed to engine vibrations in the cabin.

Part of long-term climate protection strategy

DACHSER Emission-Free Delivery supports the logistics provider's long-term climate protection strategy. By promoting sustainable business development and focusing on energy and process efficiency, innovation and inclusive responsibility, the company is paving the way for sustainable logistics together with its customers and service partners.

Saturday, July 29, 2023 - 21:32