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Dachser and Fercam strengthen groupage and logistics business in Italy

  • Dachser and FERCAM trucks.

Years of collaboration lead to the birth of a joint venture dedicated to groupage and logistics.

Fercam will integrate its Distribution and Logistics divisions into a new company formed together with Dachser under the corporate name "Dachser & Fercam Italia S.r.l.". With an 80% stake in this new company, Dachser strengthens and completes its European network. The acquisition is still pending approval by the competition authorities.

According to the agreement signed between the two companies, before the end of the year, Fercam will transfer from Fercam AG to the new company its divisions Fercam Distribution (which manages the groupage business) and Fercam Logistics (which is dedicated to contract logistics services). These two divisions, which have 920 employees distributed in 43 locations in Italy, generated a turnover of approximately 400 million euros in 2022.

From the beginning of 2024, this company will operate independently under the corporate name Dachser & Fercam Italia S.r.l. and will report directly to Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics at Dachser. There will be no changes in the direction of the groupage and contract logistics business, which will continue to fall to Fercam Manager Dr. Gianfranco Brillante and his team, who bring continuity and experience in the Italian market. Fercam AG will hold a 20% stake in the new company Dachser & Fercam Italia S.r.l.

Fercam AG will retain full ownership of Fercam Transport (domestic and international road and rail transport), Fercam Air & Ocean and Fercam Special Services (specialist art and trade fair logistics, home delivery, removals and relocation as well as file and documentation management), including all companies established abroad, so that none of these divisions will be integrated into the new company. Fercam plans to continue promoting the growth and internationalization of these divisions in the future, also overseas. 
"Dachser and Fercam are two family-owned companies that share the same concept of values-oriented management, which guarantees the future viability of the company for generations. That is why we are particularly excited to now further strengthen this bond and culminate twenty years of cooperation in the formation of this alliance in Italy," explains Bernhard Simon, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Dachser. 

"Dachser is a dynamically growing family business, with similar goals and agility in decision-making, in which we have found an excellent and reliable partner for all European transport. However, since the beginning of this collaboration, the market has undergone major changes due to the concentration of activity in a few European and international operators. For this reason we have decided to form a joint venture dedicated exclusively to groupage and logistics. It's a win-win for both sides," explains Thomas Baumgartner, Chairman of Fercam's Supervisory Board.

"In this way we further strengthen the bond with our partner, while consolidating our own position," explains Hannes Baumgartner, Managing Partner of Fercam. "Under the umbrella of Dachser's European network, we have great growth potential, especially in export, which gives us security and stability for the future."

Full coverage in Europe

After Graveleau (France, 1999) and Azkar (Spain, 2013), the majority purchase of Fercam's groupage and contract logistics activities is the third major acquisition that Dachser has made to expand its European transport and logistics network. "With this purchase, we close the loop and complete our own logistics and groupage network in the main markets of continental Europe," explains Burkhard Eling, CEO of Dachser. "We remain focused on growing organically and sustainably. In addition, this year, with selective acquisitions, we have strengthened our presence in highly relevant markets, such as Benelux, Australia, Japan and, now, Italy."

Consistency in processes and systems: benefits for customers

"Twenty years of a successful partnership bring Dachser and Fercam together. In this time, we have come to know each other very well and appreciate each other," adds Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics at Dachser. Since the beginning of 2003, this family-owned company based in Bolzano (South Tyrol) has been responsible for the distribution in Italy of all groupage shipments of industrial and consumer goods from Dachser's European network, while incorporating relevant shipments from Italy into this network. "Fercam is a guarantee of continuity and experience in Italy. With this acquisition and with additional investments, we can, above all, grow even faster in the Italian market and continue to improve the quality of our offer. Our customers in Europe, Italy and the rest of the world will benefit in the medium term from continuity and uniformity in processes and systems," says Tonn regarding the synergies and advantages that the new company will have for the customer. 
All these years of collaboration have served to achieve a good level of coordination between Dachser and Fercam for the operational management of groupage. Fercam is characterized by constant investments in its logistics, digital systems and environmental protection facilities; Also at this level, both companies understand each other perfectly.

Joint venture without duplication of structures

To date, Dachser did not have its own centers in Italy for the European Logistics business line, so there will be no duplication of structures. All staff in Fercam's Distribution and Logistics divisions will also continue to work for Dachser & Fercam Italia. By acquiring the stakes in these two divisions, Dachser also demonstrates its commitment to continue investing in the locations in Italy and to do so for the long term.

In the Food Logistics business line, dedicated to the transport and storage of refrigerated and unrefrigerated food products, Dachser has been represented in Italy since 2017 with three locations and around 270 employees.