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Bodegas Emilio Moro conquers Wine Spectator with Clone de la Familia, Malleolus de Sanchomartín and La Felisa

  • A bottle of Clon de la Familia wine laying down.

The American magazine Wine Spectator, one of the major international wine references, has given excellent scores to Clone de la Familia and La Felisa. Specifically, the wines of the Moro family have received a rating of 96 points and 91 points respectively, which ratifies what they detail from the Valladolid winery.

  • Clon de la Familia and La Felisa, from the Valladolid winery, achieve excellent scores in Wine Spectator
  • The magazine, with more than 30 years of experience, is one of the most prestigious and influential publications in the world of wine
  • Malleolus de Sanchomartín and Clon de la Familia, two of the wines with the best scores in the country, of all those valued by the magazine in 2022

Bodegas Emilio Moro, one of the benchmarks in Ribera del Duero, continues to grow and achieve success with its wines. There are eleven references that the winery has on the market and on this occasion, three very special Tempranillos, whose projection continues to rise and conquer everyone who tastes them, have become the protagonists of this great news.

The Moro family is clear about it, Clone de la Familia "is the best wine from the Ribera del Duero", they comment. Thanks to their long experience in winemaking and the passion that Don Emilio Moro transmitted to them, they pamper their product and are involved in each of the processes to offer the best. This Tempranillo is born from the harvest collected in the most emblematic and representative plots of the three types of subsoil in the Ribera del Duero. Its aging takes place in exclusive barrels, which respect the aromas of the fruit and the land from which it comes, expressing: tradition, character and passion. A powerful, elegant wine with a unique personality made to win and dazzle.

With a very covered garnet color, it presents a great personality and an extraordinary wealth of nuances on the nose, highlighting the aromas of the great Tempranillos slowly nuanced by respectful aging. On the palate it is meaty, full-bodied, but excellently balanced, giving rise to a wine with a very long, persistent aftertaste and a pleasant aftertaste.

A bottle of La Felisa wine laying down.

As for La Felisa, it is a wine that receives the name of Felisa Espinosa, the mother of the third generation of the family as a tribute to her dedication and her passion. It is also the first organic and vegan wine of the brand and evokes the charm of the wines of the past. Cherry red in color, very covered and with very present purple rims despite its time in the barrel, on the nose it is expressive with notes reminiscent of recently fermented grapes, highlighting aromas of black and red fruits typical of the variety. In the mouth it is intense, almost rustic, but easy and pleasant on the palate thanks to high-quality raw materials and an optimum point of maturity.

Both the 96 points awarded to Clone de la Familia and the 91 points awarded to La Felisa do nothing more than reaffirm the Moro family's discourse. They seek excellence, improve quality and offer the consumer an extraordinary experience that can only be experienced with the wines of Bodegas Emilio Moro.

Clone of the Family, a wine made to win; and La Felisa, a wine created as a tribute to traditional wines and to a woman who has been the central axis of the family, two unique and risky bets that come to each table to conquer the palate, to make the diner fall in love, to seduce the client.

In addition, the prestigious magazine has published an article on the different wine regions of Spain in which Clon de la Familia and Malleolus de Sanchomartín are mentioned as two of the wines that have received the best scores in the country, of all those valued by Wine Spectator. in 2022.

Malleolus de Sanchomartín wine, view of bottle laying down.

Malleolus de Sanchomartín 2018 is another of the star Tempranillos from Bodegas Emilio Moro. He has conquered national and international critics with his expressiveness and combination of nuances. It is one of the most sublime references of the winery with a cherry red color with garnet rims. On the nose it is rich in nuances with a great varietal vocation, but with the personality of limestone soils. On the palate it is voluminous and balanced with a long and persistent aftertaste.

Three references very different from each other that sweep wherever they go, conquer the most demanding palates and conquer with each glass. Anyone who tries Clon de La Familia, La Felisa or Malleolus de Sanchomartín, wants to repeat.

P.V.P. Clon de la Familia: ​​€275
P.V.P. La Felisa: €25.90
P.V.P. Malleolus def Sanchomartín: €124.50