José Moro tasting wine at Bodegas Cepa 21.

Cepa 21, the most innovative project of the Moro family, brings together avant-garde architecture and wines that reflect the winemaking soul of the Ribera del Duero.

José Moro, president of Cepa 21, presented in a virtual way the new vintage of the flagship wine of the Ribera del Duero winery: Cepa 21 2017.

March 12, 2021 - Bodegas Cepa 21 is the most innovative project of the third generation of the Moro family, which has been in the wine sector for more than a century. Cepa 21 (Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero), the flagship wine of this winery, arrives with a new vintage, 2017, which was presented yesterday. A wine full of the freshness, innovation and originality that define the wineries themselves since they began their journey in the market as a commitment to modernity.

With this new vintage, which was presented yesterday to more than 200 participants by its president José Moro, the winery once again confirmed its commitment to wines with their own personality and the soul of the terroir. The event, held at the Cepa 21 facilities, brought together attendees online who were connected mainly from Spain and Latin America. "I am sure that this new vintage will make you fall in love," said José Moro, a businessman who stands out in the market for his innovation, not in vain is he the first winemaker in history to be part of the Forbes Spain list of innovative entrepreneurs . Despite the difficult year for the sector that we are going through, José Moro has not stopped receiving awards. He closed 2020 as the Ponce de León Award for the “Executive of the Year”, awarded by the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce and last month, he received the European Gold Medal for Merit at Work by the European Association for Economics and Competitiveness, among others awards.

Cepa 21 2017 gathers, in each nuance, much of the innovative character that defines the professional career of the winery's president, in addition to the personality and uniqueness of the land that gives it life. It is an expression of the terroir of the area, specifically of its northern exposure vineyards and of the nuances provided by the altitude of its plots. A perfect reflection of the objective that drove the creation of Bodegas Cepa 21: a modern project, not only in its facilities and architecture, but also in the style of its wines, which seek, as in this vintage, the freshest version of Ribera del Duero.

“This is one of the most exciting projects in the history of my family, of the Moro family,” explained its president, “we sought, from its birth, to lay the foundations of modern viticulture in the Ribera del Duero. And for this, we are committed to that fusion of winemaking tradition and innovation that has always accompanied us with the aim of making wines based on the area's own terroir, but in line with new trends ”. Not surprisingly, the winery, which today has 50 hectares, is equipped with the highest technology that, in combination with the features of the land and its characteristics, helps to produce wines with a unique and harmonious personality.

In the words of José Moro, “knowing the differential factors –such as the altitude of the vineyards, between 750 and 900 meters– and the singularities of our winery, will make us better understand the soul of our wines, and specifically, of this vintage that we present here today: Cepa 21 2017 ”. Next, he explained each process that goes through in its elaboration of this cherry-colored tempranillo grape wine with garnet rims. “Smellingly, it is a wine full of nuances, with a balance between freshness and maturity. The aromatic set is enriched by the notes of a respectful barrel aging and subtle hints of spices and balsamic, ”he explained. In the taste phase we find a "structured and powerful wine, with balanced acidity typical of the high altitude of the vineyards from which it comes" and, above all, "a memory that invites us to drink again."

During the presentation, José Moro also counted with the chef of the Emilio Moro Wineries, David Pérez, who explained what “delicacies of the land” were perfect to accompany this aromatic, fresh and powerful wine.

During this iconic presentation, the businessman once again emphasizes the importance of “living in the present and enjoying the moment”, a philosophy already exposed in his book If you know how to listen, wine speaks to you (Gestión 2000. Planeta), in which it counts the history of family wineries since, more than a century ago, his grandfather, Emilio Moro, planted the first vineyard.

The Cepa 21 project's mission is to reach the hearts of people through unique experiences, wines that leave their mark and collaborators committed to the vision and philosophy of the company, as well as to the sustainability of the planet.

The objective of the winery is to radiate happiness through the wine and the magical universe that surrounds it. As José Moro always says, "If you like wine, you understand wine."

Friday, March 12, 2021 - 09:57