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Dachser Iberia expands the range of logistics services for the Pharma and Healthcare sector

  • Dachser and the pharmaceutical industry.

DACHSER Life Science and Healthcare Logistics allows you to manage urgent and temperature-sensitive shipments worldwide, complying with strict regulatory frameworks and high quality and safety standards.

The healthcare and life sciences industry ranges from pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to medical devices and healthcare products, all of which require precise handling and controlled conditions during transport. The importance of this industry lies in its direct impact on people's health and well-being, making it essential that products arrive in perfect condition and without delays.

In response to these needs, the logistics and transport operator Dachser recently launched DACHSER Life Science and Healthcare Logistics in Iberia. It is a solution designed to meet the strict transportation needs of the life sciences industry, a sector that, in addition to growing rapidly, requires compliance with complex regulatory frameworks and superior quality and safety standards, in each transportation stage.

At the operational level, DACHSER Life Science and Healthcare Logistics offers a complete range of logistics services, covered by GDP certification, ranging from standard air transport, temperature-controlled air transport and express services to LCL/FCL sea transport with and without temperature. controlled. Adapting to the specific characteristics of the products, Dachser covers all common temperature ranges, using appropriate packaging systems, insulating thermal blankets and refrigerated containers with temperature control depending on the specific needs of the product.

To lead this solution, the company appointed Rubén Márquez, Business Development Manager of DACHSER Life Science & Healthcare at Iberia ASL, who is in charge of advising companies on the comprehensive management of the supply chain at an international level, collaborating closely with Dachser European Logistics equipment, for land transport in Europe.

“We understand the complexities and unique challenges that this sector faces, which is why we have developed an offering that ensures that critical products reach their destination safely and efficiently, anywhere in the world. In DACHSER Life Science and Healthcare Logistics you will find a trusted partner, who will allow you to quickly and safely access the most important sales and contracting markets in Asia, America and Europe. We are supported by our experience and the long relationships we maintain with our clients,” explains Rubén Máquez.

Dachser Iberia has a highly qualified team that aims to provide the best service in the transport of goods in the life sciences and health sector in Spain and Portugal.

Ensuring the security of your supply chain

In line with its commitment to comply with the specific regulations of each country to maintain the integrity and safety of products, DACHSER Spain Air & Sea Logistics has obtained different certifications.

DACHSER Spain ASL has GDP (Good Distribution Practice) compliance certification for its quality management system in its offices in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which verifies that life sciences and healthcare shipments are managed at Dachser in accordance with the EU regulations. Likewise, at a global level, Dachser also has this certification in Mumbai (India), in Frankfurt and at the headquarters in Kempten, Germany.

In addition to GDP compliance certification, Dachser also holds IATA CEIV Pharma certification at its offices in Shanghai (China), Hyderabad (India), Mumbai (India), Atlanta (United States of America) and Frankfurt (Germany).