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Dachser expands the fleet of electric bicycles in San Sebastián

  • A Dachser three wheeled bike in San Sebastián.

With the expansion of the fleet of electric bicycles, the company reinforces its commitment to environmentally friendly distribution in the city of San Sebastián. Electric bicycles make an average of 20 to 25 daily deliveries in the Basque city.

In line with the "City Distribution" project of zero-emission deliveries in the last mile, implemented in various European cities, the logistics operator Dachser has announced the expansion of its local distribution fleet with the incorporation of a new electric bicycle in San Sebastián. This expansion, although small, reflects the company's firm commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly distribution methods.

Dachser began testing deliveries with 250 W electric bicycles in the city center of San Sebastián in mid-2019, and after a successful trial period, these cargo vehicles have now been delivering goods to stores for more than four years. and shops in the center of the Basque city. Currently and after the recent expansion, the San Sebastián branch makes between 20 to 25 deliveries per day, with an average distance of 2.5 - 3 kilometers per route to complete the shipments of its clients.

“This expansion is in line with a series of measures that we will implement in the coming years as part of our long-term climate protection strategy,” explains Celestino Silva, Managing Director European Logistics Iberia, "We are based on efficient logistics and technical innovations. All actions, no matter how small, have an impact on the preservation of the environment. We do not want to follow this path alone, but rather work together with clients and service partners who are also interested in activating the change in logistics towards technologies. low and zero emissions.

An operation to reduce the carbon footprint locally

To carry out these operations, Dachser has launched a specific logistics chain: Every day in the morning, trucks leave the San Sebastián branch, located about 12 km from the center, bound for a micro-hub located in the Basque city center. From there, the day's goods are loaded onto the e-bikes and emissions-free last-mile deliveries begin in the historic center.

Dachser's yellow and blue electric bicycles are equipped with a box with a total height of 2 meters located at the rear of the vehicle, allowing up to 200 kilos of goods to be transported. This means of transport is not only fast and environmentally friendly, but it also manages to avoid obstacles that slow down deliveries in large urban centers, such as traffic jams and closed streets. They can access pedestrianized areas, where trucks cannot enter, and circulate through areas inaccessible to vans, ultimately improving the efficiency of deliveries.

The implementation of cycle logistics not only improves air quality and reduces noise on the streets, but also reduces pollution and traffic congestion. Additionally, by using electric vehicles, drivers are less exposed to engine vibrations that occur in the delivery van.
This initiative is one more measure within the plan set by Dachser to reduce polluting emissions, thus reflecting its firm commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.