Dachser charter flight.

Following the severe shortage of air cargo capacity caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the logistics operator Dachser has decided to counteract some of its effects with initiatives such as the expansion of its charter program. Since the last weekend of July, Dachser has been operating the Frankfurt-Chicago route with Boeing 747-400s.

Since the end of July, Dachser has implemented a new transatlantic turnaround solution with a full weekly charter to transport goods between Frankfurt (Germany) and Chicago (USA). This action is part of the extended premium charter program of the logistics operator, which offers great advantages for exporting companies, such as fixed transit times for better planning of capacity and prices.

"Today, and given the current situation, reliability, flexibility and agility are maxims that are more important than ever in the aviation industry," says Timo Stroh, Head of Global Air Freight at Dachser. "With this solution, we offer our customers a premium, efficient and transparent air service between Europe and the United States, and vice versa", concludes the manager.

Online connection with the land transport network

Dachser's strong ground transportation network enables goods, arriving from across the ocean, to be delivered across Europe from the German headquarters in Frankfurt, with fixed transit times and high quality standards. In the United States, Dachser also ensures distribution by land in the Midwest region (Midwest) from the Chicago airport, making use of alliances already established in the American territory.

Full charters managed by Dachser ensure that capacity is provided on a stable basis, regardless of volatile market developments. The other great advantage is that by air, large products, dangerous goods such as batteries, or products subject to temperature control, typical of areas such as health or science, can be transported. With fixed departure times, every Saturday from Frankfurt, deliveries at this airport can be made at the end of the week, allowing Dachser customers to plan ahead and with great precision.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - 13:05