Javier Villahermosa

With the "less than container load" LCL service, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics offers direct weekly connections between the Iberian Peninsula and the most important markets in China, India and Mexico, including door-to-door freight collection and delivery.

Dachser has a constantly growing and fully connected network of its own, creating the ideal conditions for the transport and distribution of goods around the world. In this sense, and since the beginning of 2023, Dachser Air & Sea Logistics Iberia has expanded its LCL (Less-than-Container-Load) maritime services, offering direct import and export routes, connecting Portugal and Spain with China, India and Mexico. .

Dachser's consolidated service provides companies with a global and integrated approach that includes reduced transit times, greater flexibility for their shipments thanks to weekly departures and transparency throughout the supply chain through their track and trace systems.

“Thanks to the integration of our transport networks, container loading and unloading operations are carried out at the Dachser logistics warehouses in Valencia and Barcelona with a direct link to the extensive European road transport network. In this way, transparency is ensured, a lower risk of damage, faster transit times, always offering a perfect door-to-door connection for our customers” explains Javier Villahermosa, Managing Director DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics Southern Europe.

"With the direct LCL routes that Dachser already offers weekly to and from Iberia, we continue to grow to cover and serve the most important markets in both Asia and South America," concludes Villahermosa.




The LCL service from DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics provides efficient logistics solutions for global groupage transport by sea. Customers benefit from regular and reliable departures, efficient management and full transparency. The number of options for global connections is constantly expanding, and the service has become a safe and cost-effective alternative to air travel.


The close interaction between DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics and DACHSER Road Logistics creates additional benefits, such as comprehensive logistics solutions including global transport, warehousing and value-added services.


About Dachser in Iberia


Dachser (www.dachser.es & www.dachser.pt) is present in Iberia through two business lines: DACHSER European Logistics, dedicated to land transport and comprehensive logistics solutions, and DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics, focused on air transport and maritime.


Dachser's services include warehousing and distribution solutions, specific partial and full load services and other solutions for the chemical (DACHSER Chem Logistics) and Home Improvement, decoration and gardening (DACHSER DIY Logistics) sectors.


In 2022, with a growth of +17.8%, Iberia once again positioned itself as one of the most important regions for the company, reaching around 758 million euros in sales volume. With 66 logistics centers and 2,932 professionals, more than 17.1 million shipments were managed and 3.2 million tons were transported in this same period.

For more information about Dachser, see www.dachser.es


About Dachser:

Dachser is one of the leading operators of logistics and freight transport services worldwide and offers its customers a wide range of logistics solutions, through its own global transport network, with warehousing services and integrated IT solutions, adapted to each business.


Dachser groups the following business areas: Dachser Road Logistics, which includes land transport and storage of industrial goods (European Logistics) and food (Food Logistics) and Dachser Air & Sea Logistics dedicated to air and sea transport. The range is completed with comprehensive logistics services and specific solutions for the chemical industry (DACHSER Chem Logistics) and Home Improvement, decoration and gardening (DACHSER DIY Logistics).


In 2022, Dachser generated a consolidated net turnover of around 8.1 billion euros. With 32,850 employees at 379 locations worldwide, Dachser has handled a total of 81.1 million shipments and 42.8 million tons. Dachser has its own national organizations in 42 countries.


For more information about Dachser, see www.dachser.es


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